2004 Symposium

Symposium Links

January 12-14, 2004, Anchorage, AK


  • Atkinson, Shannon - Alaska SeaLife Center Research Program
  • Batten, Sonia - A Continuous Plankton Recorder-Based Survey to Monitor the Gulf of Alaska and Detect Ecosystem Change
  • Bird, Nancy - Evolution of Prince William Sound’s Ocean Observing System
  • Burdin, Alexander - Hot topic: Are Killer Whales the Main Reason for the Decline of Marine Mammal Populations in the North Pacific?
  • Calder, John - Overview of NOAA’s Arctic Research Office for FY2004
  • Dew, Braxton - Did Bottom Trawling in Bristol Bay’s Red King Crab Broodstock Refuge Contribute to the Collapse of Alaska’s Most Valuable Fishery?
  • Frid, Alejandro - State-dependant Foraging and its Ecological Consequences: Seals in PWS
  • Harper, John - Pilot Nearshore Habitat Mapping Using Acoustic and Visual Techniques Bristol Bay, Alaska
  • Heifetz, Jonathan - Research on Benthic Habitat at the the Auke Bay Laboratory
  • Knapp, Gunnar - Producer Co-ops and Producer Organizations
  • Livingston, Patricia - Ecosystem Indicators of Climate Change
  • Matkin, Craig - Whale Killers? Transient Killer Whales in the Eastern Aleutians
  • McCammon, Molly - Coastal Observing in Alaska
  • Mueter, Franz - Environmental Predictors of Walleye Pollock Recruitment in the Eastern Bering Sea
  • Murawski, Steve - Einstein’s Eclipse & Maury’s Logs: Searching for Theories Governing Marine Ecosystem Phenomena
  • Okkonen, Stephen - Gulf of Alaska Ecosystem Monitoring and Research Program: Near-surface Temperature and Salinity in the North Pacific Ocean
  • Overland, James - Recent Shifts in the State of the North Pacific and Bering Sea
  • Pautzke, Clarence - North Pacific Research Board Program Overview –January 2004
  • Rodionov, Sergei - Detecting Change in the Bering Sea Ecosystem
  • Rose, Craig - Pollock and Salmon in Pelagic Trawls: Looking for Behavior Differences and Testing Applications for Reducing Bycatch
  • Salomon, Anne - Investigating the Relative Roles of Shoreline Harvest & Natural Factors in Altering Rocky Intertidal Food Web Dynamics on the Kenai Peninsula
  • Schoch, G. Carl - Prince William Sound Oil Spill Recovery Institute
  • Sigler, Michael - Predictability of Prey Available to Free-ranging Steller Sea Lions at Varying Spatial Scales
  • Smiley, Scott - Fishery Industrial Technology Center University of Alaska
  • Straley, Janice - Feeding Ecology of Transient Killer Whales in the Northern and Eastern Gulf of Alaska
  • Sydeman, William - Integration of Marine Bird and Mammal Observations with the Pacific Continuous Plankton Recorder Program: Seasonal Variation in Distribution and Abundance
  • Thompson, Terry - Kachemak Bay Research Reserve
  • Tojo, Naoki - Environmental Cues for Togaik Herring Spawning
  • Willette, Mark - Monitoring Dynamics of the Alaska Coastal Current and Development of Applications for Management of Cook Inlet Salmon