2005 Symposium

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January 24-26, 2005, Anchorage, AK

Session 1

Keynote: Frank Muller-Karger - US Commission on Ocean Policy

Session 2

  • Keynote: John Walsh - An Overview of the Arctic Climate Impact Assessment
  • Mark Johnson - The Alaska Ocean Observing System
  • James Overland - Is the Bering Sea Stuck in a Warm Phase?
  • Phyllis Stabeno - A Decade of Measurements of the Southeastern Bering Sea Shelf
  • Edward Cokelet - GEM Biophysical Observations Aboard an Alaska State Ferry
  • David Welch - Developing a Permanent Continental-Scale Acoustic Tracking Array for Marine Fisheries Research
  • Sue Moore - Listening for Endangered Whales Offshore Alaska, 1999-2004

Session 3

  • Keynote: Tom Royer - Alaskan Oceanography: Past, Present & Future - A Personal Perspective
  • Claude Belanger - Drifters’ Trajectories During the Lagrangian Field Experiment (Prince William Sound, 28 July to 10 August 2004)
  • Scott Pegau - Temporal Variability in Hydrographic Conditions in Lower Cook Inlet
  • Meibing Jin - Tidal Mixing Effects on a Biological Model
  • Jia Wang - Modeling Environmental Hydrodynamic Fields of the Bering Sea: Toward a Coupled Ice-Ocean-Biological Model (CIOBM)
  • Gleb Panteleev - Reconstruction of the Summer Circulation in the Bering Sea

Session 4

  • Dale Kiefer - Alaskan Groundfish Feeding Ecology: An OBIS Information System
  • Thomas Kline - Oceanic Carbon Subsidies Led to High Marine Survival and the Enormous Prince William Sound Pink Salmon Runs of 2003
  • Matt Wilson - Forage Fishes in the Western Gulf of Alaska: Variation in Productivity
  • Elizabeth Logerwell - Does Climate-driven Variability in the Oceanographic Structure of the Gulf of Alaska Shelf Affect Fish Community Composition...
  • Jesus Jurado-Molina - The Multispecies Statistical Model: Incorporating Predation Equations into a Statistical Catch-at-Age Model
  • Lunch Keynote: John Dunnigan - NOAA's Ecosystem Approaches to Management

Session 5

  • Keynote: Sean Powers & Mary Ann Bishop - Ecology of the Copper River Delta
  • Robert Lauth - Bathymetric and Temporal Range, Spatial Extent, and Habitat Characteristics of Atka Mackerel Spawning and Nesting Habitat in the Aleutian Archipelago
  • Jon Heifetz - Coral and Sponge Habitat Mapping in the Central Aleutian Islands
  • Anne Salomon - Synergistic Serial Depletion of Benthic Invertebrates Leads to a Recent Decline of a Keystone Grazer and the Alteration of a Coastal Ecosystem
  • Angela Dubois - Dynamics of Chemical Defenses: Dynamics of Chemical Defenses: Dynamics of Chemical Defenses in Four Kachemak Bay Kelp Species...
  • Katrin Iken - NaGISA (Natural Geography in Shore Areas)
  • Bradley Stevens - Development of Techniques for Cultivation of Blue King Crab, Paralithodes platypus

Session 6

  • Keynote: Ray Ralonde - Vibrio Occurrence in Shellfish
  • Doug Dasher & Ron Klein - Application of the EPA Environmental Monitoring Assessment Program (EMAP) to Characterization of Alaska Coastal Marine Water Quality
  • Frank Morado - Bitter Crab Syndrome
  • Shannon Atkinson - Contaminants in North Pacific Basin Marine Mammals
  • Matthew Myers - Organochlorine Contamination in Steller Sea Lion Pups from Four Russian Rookeries
  • Robert Piorkowski - Initiating an Invasive Species Program in Alaska

Session 7

  • James Fall - Update on the Status of Subsistence Uses
  • Lucinda Jacobs - 2004/05 Assessment of Lingering Oil and Resource Injuries from the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill
  • Jeff Short - Persistence of Lingering Oil from the Exxon Valdez
  • James Bodkin - Restoration of Exxon Valdez Oil Contaminated Habitats by Sea Otters in Prince William Sound: Mechanisms and Consequences
  • David Irons - Marine Bird Population Abundance of
    Prince William Sound, Alaska: Trends Following
    the T/V Exxon Valdez Oil Spill, 1989-2004
  • Ron Heintz - Oil, Salmon, and How
    Urbanization Decreases Population Productivity

Session 8

  • Keynote: Gary Drew & John Piatt - Surveying the Past: North Pacific Pelagic Seabird Database
  • William Sydeman - Wings, Fins, and the Black Box: Management Implications of Marine Bird and Fish
  • Alan Springer - Regime Forcing and Ecosystem Response in the Bering Sea
  • Robert Suryan - First-passage Time Analysis and Identification of Marine Habitats Used by Short-tailed Albatrosses...
  • Shannon Fitzgerald - Seabirds and Alaska Groundfish Fisheries: Efforts to Understand Seabird Interactions with these Fisheries and to Mitigate Incidental Mortality

Session 9

  • Keynote: Lowell Fritz - Differences in Recent Trends in the
    Populations of Western Steller Sea Lions and Northern Fur Seals
  • Verena Gill - Causes of Mortality for Northern Sea Otters
  • Paul Wade - A Summary of Recent Killer Whale Studies in the Aleutian Islands, Bering Sea, and Western Gulf of Alaska
  • Grey Pendleton - Harbor Seal Population Change in Alaska – The Big Picture
  • John Durban - Photographic Population Analysis of Killer Whales in the Coastal Waters of Southwest Alaska
  • Sylvie Guénette - Ecosystem Analysis of Steller Sea Lion Dynamics, Their Prey, and Predators
  • David Rosen - Physiological Answers to Ecosystem Questions: What We Have Learned from Laboratory Studies about the Decline of Steller Sea Lions in Alaska?
  • Vladimir Burkanov - Steller Sea Lion Abundance in Russia in 2004
  • Jan Straley & Aaron Thode - Sperm Whale Depredation
  • Lisa Munger - Tracking Critically Endangered North Pacific Right Whales (Eubalaena japonica) in Alaskan Waters Using Passive Acoustics

Session 10

  • Michael Mazur - Corroboration and Application of a Bioenergetics Model to Estimate the Growth of Juvenile Walleye Pollock (Theragra chalcogramma) in the Western Gulf of Alaska
  • Anthony Gharrett - Genetic Divergence, Phylogeography, and Recognition of Asian and North American Chinook Salmon Populations
  • Sue Hazlett - Assessing Long-Term Viability of a Marine Reserve
  • Kimani Kimbrough - A Conceptual Model Approach to Utilizing Traditional Knowledge in Resource Management
  • Gordon Kruse - Size at Maturity of Bering Sea Walleye Pollock
  • Terry Quinn - Further Developments from Acoustical Data Loggers on Pollock Vessels
  • Cindy Tribuzio - Life History, Ecology, and Population Dynamics of Spiny Dogfish, Squalus acanthias, in Alaska
  • Naoki Tojo - Implications of Environment Variability on Spawning and Management of Pacific Herring in Northern Bristol Bay, Alaska