2006 Symposium

January 22-25, 2006, Anchorage, AK

Gulf of Alaska Presentations

Welcoming remarks by Anchorage Mayor Mark Begich and Pete Peterson (ppt 2M)
Mike Litzow-- Has Climate Change Produced Oscillating Ecosystem Control in the Gulf of Alaska? (ppt 6M)
Mark Johnson -- Water and Ice Dynamics in Cook Inlet (ppt 24M).
Eddie Zingone -- Analyzing Surface Wind Fields Near Lower Cook Inlet And Kodiak Waters Using SAR (ppt 1.9M)
Carol Ladd -- The Gulf of Alaska eddy field: interannual variability as derived from altimetry data (ppt 24M; video avi 140M)
Russ Hopcroft -- Seward Line oceanographic observations for 2005 (ppt 5.4M)
Michael Dagg -- Neocalanus spp. and food web structure in the High Nutrient-Low Chlorophyll (HNLC) Gulf of Alaska (ppt 4.1M)
Dennis C. Lees -- Assessment of Bivalve Recovery on Treated Mixed-Soft Beaches in Western Prince William Sound (ppt 7.6M)
Clifford Ryer -- Perceived Predation Risk Influences Habitat Preference
Scott Gende (Mike Sigler) -- Persistence of forage fish hotspots and its association with foraging Steller sea lions in southeast Alaska (ppt 6.1M)
LUNCH - Keynote: Monica Reidel (Alaska Native Harbor Seal Commission) (ppt 8.2M) -- Building Research and Management Capacity through Partnerships between the Alaska Native and Science Communities;
Dr. William Hogarth (NOAA Assistant Administrator for Fisheries)--The Intersection of Science and Management
Spencer James Taggart (J. K. Nielsen, J. Mondragon, A. Andrews, J. Harney, G. Cochrane, L.L. Etherington) -- How patchy are king and Tanner crab populations in southeastern Alaska? Integrating movement, distribution, and habitat data (ppt 24M)
Kray Van Kirk -- A Multispecies Age-Structured Assessment Model for the Gulf of Alaska (ppt 3.1M)
Mark Buckley -- The Digital Observer: an alternative system for monitoring commercial fisheries
Jennifer Burns -- Working Harder in the Dark: Winter Diving and Foraging Patterns in Juvenile Steller Sea Lions (gulf of alaska ppt 19M; working harder in the dark ppt 31M)
Ed Melvin -- The Distribution of Seabirds on the Alaskan Longline Fishing Grounds: Implications for Seabird Avoidance Regulations (ppt 58M)
Ann Edwards -- A bird's eye view of fisheries discards in Alaskan waters (ppt 13M)
Anne Hoover-Miller -- Changes in Harbor Seal Population Dynamics in Aialik Bay (ppt 2.6M)
Volker Deecke -- Studying killer whale predation in the field: A sound approach to detecting kills (ppt 9.1M)
Joseph Liddle--Estimating sperm whale abundance with Bayesian mark-recapture (ppt 8.3M)
Mark Johnson -- The Alaska Ocean Observing System (ppt 19M)
Carl Schoch -- A demonstration of the Alaska Ocean Observing System in Prince William Sound (ppt 11M; video 1.7M)
Yi Chao -- Development of a Regional Ocean Modeling System (ROMS) for Real-Time Forecasting in Prince William Sound and Adjacent Alaska Coastal Waters (ppt 6.8M; fp sstshade video 70M; rom goa video 35M)
Stephen Okkonen -- Monitoring seasonal changes in Prince William Sound circulation (ppt 6.4M)
James Bodkin -- Long term monitoring of nearshore habitats in the Gulf of Alaska: Why and how? (ppt 12M)
Sonia Batten -- Relevance of the Continuous Plankton Recorder (CPR) Survey Results to Alaskan Fisheries Resource Issues (ppt 3.3M).
David Hyrenbach -- Basin-wide seabird distributions across the sub-arctic North Pacific (2002-2005): Seasonal and Interannual Variability (6.7M).
Plenary Session and Workshops
Exxon Valdez Oil Spill (EVOS) Restoration Process: Opening Remarks and Introduction of Panelists:
Craig Tillery--EVOS Trustee Council: How we got to where we are today
Ted Cooney--The ecological face of restoration science in the northern GOA
Jeff Short--Lingering Exxon Valdez oil remains the dominant cause of CYP 1A induction in Prince William Sound (ppt 9.3M)
Jacqui Michel--Identifying and evaluating oil remediation technologies (ppt 15M)
Lucinda Jacobs--Report on Integral Consulting's synthesis studies
Panel discussion to be followed by Q&A session (ppt 2.3M)

Bering Sea and Aleutian Islands Presentations

John Piatt -- Marine eco-regions of Alaska (ppt 63M)
James Overland -- A Major Climate/Ecosystem Shift Observed in the Northern Bering Sea (ppt 13M).
Phyllis Stabeno -- Spatial and Temporal Variability over the Eastern Bering Sea Shelf (ppt 12M)
Gleb Panteleev -- Estimates of summer transport of the Kamchatka Current as a variational inverse of hydrographic and surface drifter data (ppt 3.8M; video 2.2M)
Katherine Hedstrom -- Multi-decadal coupled sea-ice/ocean numerical simulations of the Bering Sea (ppt 8.3M; gif animation 5.9M)
Haoguo Hu -- Modeling the Bering Sea Circulation and Thermodynamic Characteristics Using an Coupled Ice-Ocean Model (CIOM) (ppt 24M; ice video 11M; icebering video 11M; icecir video 11M; temoneyear video 2.1M)
George Hunt --Bering Ecosystem Study (BEST) (ppt 2.1M).
Kohei Mizobata -- Biochemical enhancement related to mesoscale eddies in the Bering Sea Green Belt (ppt 55M)
Jeffrey Napp -- Regulation of Zooplankton Standing Stock and Production in the Southeast Bering Sea: Top-Down v. Bottom-Up Control and Recent Climate-Related Declines in a Subarctic Ecosystem (ppt 9.1M)
Lisa Eisner -- Variations in physical and biological oceanography and forage fish distributions during fall in the eastern Bering Sea (ppt 45M).
Chris Rooper -- Determining juvenile Pacific ocean perch habitat in the eastern Aleutian Islands (ppt 23M; amss video 24M; eel video 13M)
Toshihide Hamazaki -- Analyses of Bering Sea bottom trawl surveys in Norton Sound: absence of regime shift effect on epifauna and demersal fishes (ppt 2M)
LUNCH - Charles Wohlforth--The Whale and the Supercomputer
Susan Sugai and students in Ocean Science Bowl (ppt 217M)
Gerald Hoff--Nursery Grounds of the Alaska Skate (ppt 49M)
Tim Loher--Investigating declining halibut (Hippoglossus stenolepis) abundance in the Pribilof Islands: is temperature important? (ppt 38M)
Christian Zimmerman -- Estuarine ecology of juvenile chum salmon in Kuskokwim Bay, Alaska (ppt 19M)
Shigehiko Urawa -- NPAFC international cooperative research designates the distribution of Asian and North American chum salmon stocks in the Bering Sea and North Pacific Ocean (ppt 3.3M)
Gunnar Knapp--An Overview of Alaska Pollock Markets (ppt 4M)
David Roseneau -- Expanding the Seabird Tissue Archival and Monitoring Project (STAMP) in the North Pacific: Project Overview (ppt 86M)
Paul Becker -- Expanding the Seabird Tissue Archival and Monitoring Project (STAMP) in the North Pacific: Interim Analytical Results (ppt 11M)
Ian Rose -- Seabird Diet and Nesting Success: Indicators of Ocean Conditions in the Northern Bering Sea (ppt 6.1M)
Shiway Wang -- Foraging patterns of northern fulmars (Fulmarus glacialis) in Alaska inferred from fatty acid signature analysis (ppt 11M)
Michael Cameron -- Ribbon seal habitat selection and seasonal movements (ppt 52M; ribbon comet video 67M; ribbon video 67M; ribbons cinepak video 56M; seaice video 24M; bering anual ice video 1M; rsa1 video 84M; rsa2 video 4.7M; rsa3 video 16M; rsb1 video 53M; rsb2 video 2.9M; rsb3 video 10M)
Sara Iverson -- Consequences of Fur Seal Foraging Strategies (COFFS): Relationships to Opposing Population Trends and Reproductive Performance in the Bering Sea (ppt 13M)
Alexander Burdin -- Sea Otter Survey on the Commander Islands in 2005 (ppt 8.8M)
Lance Barrett-Lennard -- The role of transient killer whales in structuring marine mammal communities in the Aleutian Islands: insights from predation hotspots (ppt 69M)
Craig Matkin -- Ecotypic Variation and Predatory Behavior of Killer Whales in the Eastern Aleutians (ppt 13M; sound sample 1 416k; sound sample 2 425k; sound sample 3 637k.
Paul Wade -- Use of chemical profiles in assessing the feeding ecology of Alaska killer whales (ppt 5.0M)
Panel: The Meeting Point Between Science and Policy. Co-moderators: Heather Brandon, ADFG and Heather McCarty, PCCRC. Panelists: Doug DeMaster, International Whaling Commission; Jack Tagart, NPRB; Brock Bernstein, Pribilof Island Collaborative; Scott Gende, Glacier Bay Science Advisory Board

Arctic Presentations

Changing marine access in the Arctic Ocean (Brigham ppt 29M)
Ignatius Rigor -- Introduction and Poster Review. Presentation: An Outlook for Summer sea ice north of Alaska (ppt 26M; ice ages video 4.1M; halfsize video 21M)
Meibing Jin -- Development of coupled ice-ocean ecosystem and application to the ice-core data in land fast ice offshore Barrow (ppt 1.7M)
Jia Wang -- The response of arctic sea ice to the winter atmospheric Dipole Anomaly (DA) (ppt 6.2M; cimp video 5.4M; himp video 19M; ua hc video 21M)
David Musgrave -- Surface Currents from HF Radar in the Beaufort Sea (ppt 5.9M; 2005/08 video 606M; 2005/09 video 176M; 2006/10 video 246M).
Brendan Kelly -- Movements and Population Genetics of Ice-associated Seals (ppt 31M; janstrack1 video 2.8M; janstrack2 video 2.5M; netset video 5.6M; sealinnet video 7.9M)
Lori Quakenbush -- Ice Seal Biomonitoring in the Bering-Chukchi Sea Region (ppt 3.7M)
Bodil Bluhm -- Chukchi Sea food web structure and epibenthic community composition (ppt 23M)
Stephen Murphy -- Evaluating variation in abundance of Arctic cisco in the Colville River using existing scientific information and traditional knowledge from subsistence fishers (ppt 1.8M)
Carin Ashjian -- Environmental Variability, Bowhead Whale Distributions, and Inupiat Subsistence Whaling: Preliminary Results of a 2005 Late Summer Field Program (ppt 19M)
Stephen Braund -- Synthesis: Three Decades of Research on Socioeconomic Effects Related to Offshore Petroleum Development in Coastal Alaska (ppt 5M)