2007 Symposium

January 21-24, 2007, Anchorage, AK

Arctic Presentations

Keynote: Steve Amstrup | Polar Bears - Sentinels of Arctic Change

Carin Ashjian: Environmental Variability Relative to Bowhead Whale Distribution and Prey Availability near Barrow, Alaska n/a
Stephen Okkonen: Exchange between Elson Lagoon and the nearshore Beaufort Sea 24MB
Rachel Potter: Using HF Radar to Map Surface Currents in the Beaufort Sea 51MB
Seth Danielson: Results from the Collection Of Oceanographic Measurements from Three Nearshore Acoustic Doppler Current Meter Profilers ADCPs along the Inner Beaufort Sea Shelf from Smith Bay to Camden Bay 5.6MB
Jia Wang: Simulating 20th century Arctic sea ice and ocean circulation variability using a Global coupled atmosphere-ice-ocean-land mode n/a
Gleb Panteleev: Variational reconstruction of the quasi-stationary Bering Sea circulation and reanalysis of the fall 1990 circulation in the Chukchi Sea 38MB
Nora Foster: Old Wine, New Bottles: Archiving George MacGinitie's Arctic Marine Invertebrate Data 57MB
Kohei Mizobata: Recent summer chlorophyll reduction affected by the warm Pacific Summer Water in the Chukchi Sea: Observation and modeling 42MB
Lunch Keynote: Thomas Litwin, Smith College
Climate Change, Public Understanding and Lessons from the Harriman Expedition Retraced
Stephen Murphy: Factors Affecting the Subsistence Harvest of Arctic Cisco in the Colville River 4MB
Nate Bickford: Fish Habitat and otolith chemistry 6.3MB
David Roseneau: Monitoring Murres and Kittiwakes at Cape Lisburne, Alaska, 1976-2006 49MB
Dave Rugh: Identifying Individual Bowhead Whales Through Aerial Photography 8.3 MB
Lori Quakenbush: Satellite Tracking of Western Arctic Bowhead Whales n/a
Ryan Huebinger: Microsatellite analysis of Bowhead whales from the Bering-Chukchi-Beaufort Seas with regard to population stock structure and genetic bottlenecks 4.5MB
Chadwick Jay: Preliminary Identification of Pacific Walrus subpopulations From Whole Tooth Elemental Analysis n/a
Michael Cameron: Diving behavior, habitat use, and movements of bearded seal pups in the Bering and Chukchi Seas n/a
Brendan Kelly: Evidence of philopatry in ringed seals 21MB
Anthony Fischbach: Landward shift in polar bear denning determined from satellite telemetry in Alaska n/a
George Durner: A Model for Autumn Pelagic Distribution of Adult Female Polar Bears in the Chukchi Sea, 1987-1994 n/a
Cliff Ryer: Moving toward a process-based understanding of essential fish habitat in juvenile flatfish nurseries 59MB

Bering Sea and Aleutian Islands Presentations

Phyllis Stabeno: Was 2006 an anomalous cold year in a warming trend or a shift in decadal climate patterns? 7.5MB
James Overland: What will the Bering Sea look like in the next 30 years? 5.6MB
Don Atwood: Monitoring Alaskan Marine Ecosystems with Synthetic Aperture Radar 30MB
Mike Litzow : Warming climate alters the biogeography of the southern Bering Sea 5.4MB
Meibing Jin: Late ice retreat and ice-associated phytoplankton blooms in the Southeastern Bering Sea n/a
Carolina Parada: Settlement patterns of snow crab associated with warm 1979 and cold 1990 years in the Eastern Bering Sea 15MB
Paige Drobny: Squid Overload in the Bering Sea 5.2MB
Robert Walker: Information from Archival Tags on Salmon in the Bering Sea, 2003-2006 2.9MB
Nicola Hillgruber: Distribution, condition, and age of chum salmon juveniles in Western Alaska 15MB
Sara Miller: Estimation of migration in an age-structured population dynamics model of Eastern Bering Sea walleye pollock 2.7MB
Kimberly Rand: Food Habits and Small-Scale Habitat Utilization of Atka Mackerel in the Aleutian Islands, Alaska 5.9MB
Daniel Cooper: Spatial and temporal variability in Atka mackerel female maturity 2.5MB
Jesus Jurado-Molina: Developing a statistical-multispecies framework for a predator-prey system in the eastern Bering Sea 1MB
Lunch Keynote: Paula Keener-Chavis, NOAA Office of Ocean Exploration
Enhancing Ocean Science Literacy through NOAA Ocean Exploration
Alan Springer: Hot Oceanography? A Seabird Story From the Pribilofs 12MB
Alexander Kitaysky: Early ice retreat has opposite effects on planktivorous and piscivorous top-predators 44MB
Ian Jones: Annual variation in auklet demographic parameters and chick diets n/a
Steffen Oppel: King Eider winter movements in the Bering Sea tracked by satellite telemetry 2.8MB
Greg Balogh: Inter-specific Differences in Marine Habitat Use by Albatrosses in Alaska 26MB
Tom Gelatt: On their own: migrations of northern fur seal pups from increasing and Decreasing Populations 7.8MB
Alison Banks: Consequences of fur seal foraging strategies COFFS: interannual Variability 21MB
Vladimir Burkanov: Overview of abundance and trends of northern fur seals in The Commander Islands, 1958-2006 - caveats and conclusions 9MB
Brian Battaile: The Decline and fall of the alaskan pinniped empire 25MB
John Bickham: Population and Evolutionary Genetic Analyses Using Multiple Nuclear and Mitochondrial Loci in Steller Sea Lions 2.4MB
Kelly Newman: Killer Whales Do It In The Dark: Nocturnal Activity By Transients At St. Paul Island 10MB
David Mellinger: An acoustic survey for right and other endangered whales in the Bering Sea 6MB
Randy Hagenstein: The Pribilof Island Collaborative: Complex Problems, Collaborative Solutions 5.9MB
Sarah Kruse: The Pribilof Islands: Establishing a Socioeconomic Baseline 3.9MB
Ellen Lance: Evaluation of three techniques for baseline monitoring of petroleum hydrocarbon contamination in Nelson Lagoon, Alaska 250MB

Gulf of Alaska Presentations

W. Scott Pegau: Connecting Oceanography and Fisheries in the Offshore Test Fishing Program 4.7MB
William Sydeman: Meso-marine ecosystems of the North Pacific: seasonal and interannual variability 3.9MB
Tal Ezer: Modeling and satellite observations of tidally-driven currents and mud flats flooding in Cook Inlet, Alaska 18MB
Lisa Etherington: Oceanography of Glacier Bay: Implications for biological patterns and productivity in a temperate glacial fjord n/a
Mario Tamburri: ACT and Integrated Sensor Systems for Vessels of Opportunity 7.7MB
Molly McCammon: Special Poster Review Ecosystem Perspectives and Human/Community Impacts 1MB
K.O. Coyle: Calibration of a nutrient- phytoplankton-zooplankton model for use with a three-dimensional physical model to simulate ecological mechanisms on the northern Gulf of Alaska shelf 4.8MB
Jon Houghton: Rocky Intertidal Benthos in Iniskin/Iliamna Bay: a 28-Year Baseline and Hints of Climate Change? 52MB
Nick Harman: Role of Grazers in the Recolonization of Hard Bottom Communities in Kachemak Bay, Alaska 14MB
Dennis Lees: Clams and Armor: Were They Casualties of The War On The Beaches? 24MB
Brenda Norcross: A model of early life history survival for Pacific herring in Prince William Sound 3.9MB
Elizabeth Logerwell: Distribution and feeding ecology of juvenile walleye pollock and capelin in the Gulf of Alaska 12MB
Sean Powers: Assessing residence time and habitat use of coho and sockeye salmon in Alaska estuaries 12MB
Lunch Keynote: Jan Straley, University of Alaska Southeast
Swimming in the lunch line: Underwater footage of sperm whales near longline fishing gear
Bruce Finney: Effects of Marine-Derived Nutrients on Biological Production in Sockeye Salmon Systems 4.3MB
Gregg Rosenkranz: Machine Vision Benthic Imaging in the Gulf of Alaska 34MB
Julie Nielson: Using a synthetic aperture acoustic telemetry method to determine the location, timing and spatial aggregation of female Tanner crabs during reproductive events 8.5MB
John Harper: The ShoreZone Coastal Dataset as a Research Tool 7MB
Matthew Berman: Spatial Fisheries Values in the Gulf of Alaska 5.5MB
Peter Boveng, Session Chair: Intro and Poster Review n/a
Briana Witteveen: Investigation of foraging habits and prey selection by humpback whales using acoustic tags and concurrent fish surveys 6.1MB
Edward Gregr: Multi-scale predictions of right whale habitat in the North Pacific and Bering Sea 6MB
Craig Matkin: Killer whales in the Northern Gulf of Alaska: Status, Trends, and Tagging 16MB
Greg O'Corry-Crowe: Genetic indicators of metapopulation boundaries and dynamics in Steller sea lions: implications for recovery of an endangered species 3.6MB
Andreas Fahlman: Open-Water Steller Sea Lion Research Station provides new insights into the real costs of diving for food 283MB
Jamie Womble: Linking seasonal distribution patterns with prey availability in a central-place forager, the Steller sea lion 12MB
Elizabeth Mathews: The role of predation by Steller sea lions in the population decline of harbor seals in Glacier Bay National Park n/a
Peter Boveng: Strong Seasonal Dynamics of Harbor Seals, an Upper-Trophic Predator in Cook Inlet 2.1MB
Caroline Jezierski: Impact of ecotourism on Harbor seal behavior in Pedersen Lake, Kenai Fjords National Park 4.3MB