2009 Symposium

Symposium Links

  • Audio Files (MP3) for Plenary Sessions and selected workshops
  • Participant List includes those who registered online; does not include on-site registrants or walk-ins
  • Symposium Program includes complete plenary session and workshop schedule
  • Abstract Book (PDF, 8MB) includes abstracts for oral and poster presentations, as well as an index of presenters. Please contact us if you would like a bound and printed version.

Plenary Session Presentations

Please contact presentation authors directly to obtain copies of presentations. Author contact information is provided in the 2009 Book of Abstracts. Please contact us if you cannot locate contact information for an author of interest.


Alaska Climate Change Initiatives

The topics of this workshop included:

  • NOAA's proposed National Climate Services
  • State of Alaska Sub-Cabinet on Climate Change and Research Needs
  • ICES-PICES climate change initiative

Arctic Science Planning

The purpose of this workshop was to follow up on an initial Collaboration Roundtable, held in early summer 2008. Participants shared plans for future research and monitoring activities in the Beaufort and Chukchi Seas, and will further explore opportunities for coordination and collaboration.

Communicating Ocean Science

Communicators and educators met to share ideas for communicating ocean science to national, regional and local audiences.

Fish Identification for Alaskan Murres

The focus of this workshop was to train field biologists on the identification of common prey species of seabirds in the Gulf of Alaska and Bering Sea. Special emphasis was given to Thick-billed Murre bill-loads for chick provisioning. Topics included an overview of prey items, basic characteristics of major groups, tips for identification on a glance, and hands on activities for practice.


This workshop focused on:

  • the value of metadata for geospatial and biological information,
  • the Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC) Metadata Standard,
  • how to use and submit records to a clearinghouse,
  • the variety of tools available for metadata creation,
  • ways to implement a metadata program in their own organization, and
  • how to create a record using Metavist software.
  • Each participant will also receive a CD containing all of the workshop materials.